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Accounting & Taxation


In today?s fast paced and ever changing tax landscape, investors and business owners need for cutting edge advice is greater than ever. At Henry Assaf & co we consistently demonstrate our high technical knowledge and many years of expertise in accounting and taxation matters. We provide insightful advice to management in addition to fulfilling compliance requirements.


We use tax planning and family tax structures to minimise tax and improve cash flow. We know the traps and opportunities and we give careful consideration to complex decisions.


Our team has many years of expertise in all aspects of accounting & taxation and will always be there to discuss and plan your tax affairs including;

  • Tax planning & minimisation
  • Income Tax (Individuals, Companies & Trusts)
  • GST, FBT, Payroll tax and Capital gains tax (CGT)
  • Preparation of financial statements
  • Bookkeeping Support
  • Payroll activities
  • MYOB Professional Partner
  • Corporate secretarial services
  • Self-Managed Superannuation funds (SMSF)
  • Design & implementation of accounting systems


Business Services


We pride ourselves on having highly personalised and confidential relationships with our clients, who in turn have constant access to us. We provide various interrelated services to ensure that structuring, financing, tax, compliance and accounting are all taken into consideration when making a strategic decision.


In addition to Tax Compliance we help our clients with budgeting, profitability and the strategic direction of businesses. We are available to assist with;


  • Planning & advanced strategies
  • Business structuring including company and trust formation
  • Budget and Cash Flow preparation
  • Business Growth & control strategies
  • Business purchases & sales
  • Professionals assistance for feedback on operational matters
  • Business analysis

Wealth Creation


Wealth creation is about optimising all the financial elements in your life. We will work with you to create, protect and manage your finances and achieve your financial goals. We will do so by developing a strategy which ensures that you pay less tax on your investments by utilising the most appropriate business vehicles for your objectives.


We ask you to consider the following basic points, and ask yourself, has my group of advisers ever spent the time to look at this for me;

  • Are my investments working as hard as they should be? Is the net return as high as it should be? Is there enough flexibility to achieve my big picture goals?
  • Has enough been done to legally minimise Taxes and by doing so improving net Income and cash flow?
  • How can I reduce my debts and minimise financing costs? This is an element which can have a significant impact on the bottom line and on the opportunity cost of future investments.
  • Is there a strategy for succession planning or generational transfer?
  • Is my retirement plan and/or superannuation adequate to achieve the lifestyle I am expecting after retirement?
  • Finally, what would happen in the unfortunate event of death, accident or illness, would the family have access to a suitable level of financial comfort?

Asset Protection

It is the unfortunate reality that Australia has become one of the most litigated countries in the world. Add this fact to the ordinary commercial risks involved in any business and you quickly appreciate why asset protection has become one of the most talked about topics in the business community over the last decade.


Along with tax minimisation and succession planning, asset protection is one of the key elements regarding business structures. The use of Companies, Trusts and SMSF?s is designed to achieve the greatest level of asset protection by separating the ?asset owners? and the liable parties while ensuring the most advantages tax position both now and in the future.


We will assist you to manage your risks, protect your assets and feel comfortable in the knowledge that you have done what is needed to ensure the future of your investments for yourself and your family.

Mortgages & Leasing


Since 2006 we have been assisting our clients with their financing arrangements.


We have arrangements with lenders and brokers to giving our clients access to lending products from the major banks, credit unions and smaller specialised lenders including non-conforming lenders (this means they will lend to borrowers with poor credit history).


By working with your bankers and brokers, combining the lending, commercial and tax expertise of the firm, our clients not only receive the best loan products, but also have them structured to achieve the most effective tax outcomes and asset protection objectives.


We offer our clients options for all your personal, business and investment needs including;

  • Home loans
  • Business loans & debtor finance
  • Motor Vehicle & Equipment finance (HPs, Chattel Mortgages and leases)
  • Construction & development loans

Family Office Service

Because every family is unique and each family member has their own needs, goals and individual characteristics, adopting a family office service provides the opportunity for all family members to be involved with and educated in financial matters to promote responsible actions from the younger generations.


The service will enable the family group to access a complete range of integrated professional services to grow and protect family wealth. With one point of contact, costs are controlled and strategies are designed to achieve the best possible outcomes for the family as a whole.


By understanding the make up off a family as a whole, Henry Assaf & Co can provide clients with the opportunity to step back and consider the families current position and the steps needed to achieve their goals. This will often involve wealth management, succession planning, tax structuring/ restructuring and exit strategies.